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Farinella represents a new wave of pizza innovation that departs radically from the original thicker and weighty New York Pizza; although delicious!

At Farinella, technology and time is applied to the research of the ingredients, to the fermentation, and the percentage of hydration to the dough- at least 75%.

It all starts with the use of natural authentic mother yeast; no chemicals, nor agents are used during the levitation process, only time and nature. (Up to 36-40 hours depending on the season and humidity.) And to guarantee a flavorful and light dough, we combine a selection of various flour – 75% of which is Italian imported Farina 00 with 25% of our Farinella propriety flour mix, made of hard winter Sir Galahad wheat, rye, and spelt. 

The combination of those procedures and ingredients will assure our naturally levitated crust to be thinner, lighter, more flavorful, and digestible, compared to most pizzas.


Farinella pizzas are freshly baked using only the best and most precious Italian ingredients from Farina 00, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Mediterranean sea salt, tomatoes from the San Marzano area, to mozzarella di bufala freshly imported from Napoli.  A four-feet long “pala” pizza is a wonderful addition to every birthday, anniversary, party, or gathering.


In addition to the classic Margherita and Napoletana flavors, Farinella is proud to offer a full line of unique Italian pizzas that you find only in our stores. A few of our favorites are: Cacio & Pepe, Carbonara, 4 Formaggi, Amatriciana, Arrabbiata, D.O.C and Felice to mention a few. And if you have any room left, we also have the yummy Nutella pizza for dessert, made in our specialty stone oven.